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T-shirts for sale



A T-shirt has been designed and will be available for sale from the 21st of August as a fund raiser for the FUTA Special Fund. Please see the attached document for a view of the design (it was designed by the University of Moratuwa and we appreciate their creativity very much!). We hope that at least some of our members will wear it for the rally on the 23rd of August!

A limited number of t-shirts are available (2000) in equal numbers in two colours (black and bamboo) in the following sizes:

Extra small: 400
Small: 400
Medium: 500
Large: 500
Extra Large: 200

Could each university please let us know approximately how many t-shirts they would like to have? The price of a T-shirt is Rs 800.00.

Those who cannot get your Tshirt through sister unions, please write to regarding what you need.
Thank you

Joint Conveners,

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