Sep 09

Response to the news on FUTA


The Federation of University Teachers’ Association (FUTA) strongly condemns media reports containing alleged resignation of the president of the FUTA. These reports and other malicious attacks are calculated attempts to discredit FUTA as an organization by targeting its leading office-bearers. FUTA has a strong tradition of making collective decisions regarding such matters, and internal discussions may often carry differences of opinion. Such differences, however, do not reflect the official position of FUTA as an organization, which will always be taken collectively and democratically. As such, FUTA condemns false and baseless attacks against the FUTA president as an individual as well as his role as the president of FUTA.

Dr. Shyama Banneheka

Secretary / FUTA



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Mar 30

Press statement on Private universities

FUTA issued a press statement expressing its view on private universities in general and SLTC campus (Recently established private higher education institute as a subsidiary of Sri Lanka Telecom) in particular. The statement reveals that FUTA is not against the concept of private universities but is concerned of the quality and affordability of institutes

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Mar 29

Joint press statement with Teacher unions

FUTA and the two leading trade unions of school teachers; Ceylon Teachers’ Union, Ceylon Teachers Services Union have issued a joint press statement indicating their common concerns on government policy on education. It was decided to release such a statement after a fruitful discussion held on 22nd March 2016 among the higher officials of the three unions

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Mar 02

Response to the media statement of Mr.Lakshman Kiriella

FUTA issued a media statement on Tuesday, 01.03.2016 as a response to the statement made by Mr.Lakshman Kiriella (Minister of University Education) justifying his controversial letter sent to University of Kelaniya for the recruitment of an Academic. Statements made by both FUTA and the minister are given below

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Respond from Kiriella

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Feb 29

Letter sent to H.E. the president condemning the action of the Minister of university education

FUTA in its letter addressed to His Excellency the president on 28.02.2016, has severely condemned the unaccountable action of Hon.Lakshman Kiriella, the Minister of university education and highways. The minister in his letter addressed to the Head/Department of economics of the Univesity of Kelaniya on 08.02.2016 had requested to consider the recruitment of an individual known to him for an academic post.

Below is the letter sent to the president by FUTA.

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Feb 06

Election of office bearers – 2016

Dr.Rangika Halwathura, Senior lecturer of University of Moratuwa was unanimously elected as president of the Federation of University Teachers’ Associations (FUTA) at its annual general meeting held on 29th January 2016 at University of Kelaniya. Dr. Shyama Banneheka (University of Peradeniya) and Ms.Kumudu Sumedha (University of Kelaniya) were elected as secretary and treasurer respectively.

Complete list of office bearers elected for the year 2016 with details;

President Dr. Rangika Halwathura University of Moratuwa
Hony. Secretary Dr. Shyama Banneheka University of Peradeniya
Treasurer Mrs. Kumudu Sumedha University of Kelaniya
Vice Presidents Dr. U. Anura Kumara University of Sri Jayawardenapura
Dr. S. Arivalzahan University of Jaffna
Dr. Barana Jayawardena University of Peradeniya
Mr. N.G.A. Karunathilake University of Kelaniya
Dr. Jinasena Hewage University of Ruhuna
Assistant Secretaries Prof. G.Y. Jayasinghe University of Ruhuna
Dr. Nilantha liyanage University of Ruhuna
Dr. Iresha Lakshman University of Colombo

In addition to the office, following members were assigned undermentioned responsibilities related to media

Media spokesman Dr.Danesh Karunanayake University of Peradeniya
Media coordinator Mr.Asela Rangajeewa University of Visual & Performing Arts
Web/Facebook coordinator Mr.Manjula Wickramathilaka University of Moratuwa

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Oct 31

Media Release of FUTA condemning the Police attack on the HND students on 29th October 2015

It is very sad to notice that the problems of HND students and their struggle towards the stated expected recognition that they fight for in the study programme has not adequately been attended by the authorities through the past to-date. The same students were brutally attacked by the police under the previous regime on 22nd  December, 2014 in front of the University Grants Commission at a demonstration. It’s extremely distressing to observe that, the current government as well to follow the same old act of portfolio over issues without seeking for agreeable solutions.

However, as we strongly accept, the violence is not the only option for getting a problem solved under a democratic structure of a country. Furthermore, as we understand, dragging the problem unresolved for ages and ages have made the issue more virulent and taken the students to the street again.

We, as FUTA, hereby condemn the atrocious way that the police attacked the HND students in front of the University Grants Commission on 29th October and we further state that such attacks do not in any means support of solutions for matters in this nature.  As we clearly noticed, the way that the male police officers beaten specially the female students with batons undoubtedly exhibit one of the dark silhouettes of “violence against women” in Sri Lanka.

We hereby urge the government of Sri Lanka to call upon an immediate investigation into the attack bring the guilty if found before the law and take measures to avoid such unfortunate incidents in the future and safeguard the right of all citizens of the country

Thank you,


Sgd. /                                                            Sgd./

Dr. Primal Fernando                                    Dr. A. W. Wijeratne

President                                                       Secretary


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Sep 21

Letter to the President of President of Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka

Mr. Maithripala Sirisena
His Excellency the President of Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka,
Presidential Secretariat,
Galle Face,
Colombo 1.
His Excellency the President,

The Federation of University Teachers’ Associations (FUTA) positively noted the recognition of our major demand, allocation of 6% GDP to education by the present government. We also noted the statements appeared on your election manifesto that unquestionably gave a significant recognition to enhance the education sector of the country.
However the genuineness of the present government towards the state education sector is becoming doubtful. As we observe, the appointment of ministers of education and their portfolios look ambiguous. We do not find any rationale of combining University Education  with Highways to form a ministerial position. Furthermore, we observe a severe conflict of interest regarding the appointment of the State Minister of University Education, who owns privately managed schools and higher education institutions where the needs of a small fraction of the society are been served. We are at an alarmed situation that how such minister could contribute to safeguard the state education system of Sri Lanka where the vast majority of the society is being benefitted while actively running his own “education enterprises”.
We would like to emphasize again that the obligation of the government to safeguard the   state education system of Sri Lanka should not be marginalized at any cost. FUTA is very  closely following the governments’ direction towards 6% GDP allocation for the Sri Lankan education. Hence we request the government to increase the allocation for education by a significant percentage with the forthcoming budget.

Finally we, as a concerned group of academics, would like to start a national dialogue to rectify the issues of the entire education system of Sri Lanka for a sustainable development.
Thank you,

Dr. Primal Fernando                                    Dr. A. W. Wijeratne
President                                                        Secretary
Copy to
1. Hon. Prime Minister
2. Hon. Minister of University Education and Highways
3. Hon. State Minister of University Education
4. Hon. Minster of Finance
5. Electronic and Printed Media

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May 21

Challenges faced by academics in North and Eastern Universities -Video


Following  video is from a discussion that was held on April 24, 2015 at the University of Jaffna, organized by JUSTA , Jaffna University Science Teachers’ Association.
Dr. Prabhath Jayasinghe, President FUTA addressed the gathering and Dileepa Witharana spoke on University autonomy. —


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May 02

The FUTA Statement on the Attack on Dr Nirmal Ranjith Dewasiri and Dr Kumudu Kusum Kumara

On the 1st of May, a group of persons brutally attacked former FUTA President and current media spokesperson, Dr Nirmal Ranjith Dewasiri and Dr Kumudu Kusum Kumara, also a prominent public intellectual, at Kirulapone. Dr Dewasiri and Dr Kusum Kumara had been near the May Day Rally organised by MPs Wimal Weerawansa, Vasudeva Nanayakkara and Dinesh Gunwardene. Those attacking Dr Dewasiri and Dr Kusum Kumara had been shouting that they were responsible for defeating former President Mahinda Rajapakse. Dr Dewasiri and Dr Kusum Kumara were fortunate to get away alive, thanks to the swift action of the police who had been providing security arrangements for the rally. The mob had even tried to attack the police vehicle which took away the two academics from the site.

This cowardly attack is a grim reminder of the kind of political culture that people thought they had defeated on the 8th of January 2015: lack of respect for political dissent; use of violence and complete intolerance of political opposition. It is extremely unfortunate, that these elements are allowed to behave as if nothing has changed. It is even more unfortunate, that they are provided a space in which to vent their hatred and intolerance and in fact are even encouraged to continue to behave in this manner, by elected representatives. As much or even more as we condemn the mob which engaged in this attack, we need to condemn the politics which engenders this kind of behaviour. It is the venomous political ideology spewed out b those who are no longer in power, after they have been defeated through democratic means, that is promoting the attitudes and actions that led to this attack.

We condemn in the strongest possible terms the attack on our two members and colleagues. We demand an investigation into this event and that those responsible be brought before the law. Finally, we would like to reiterate that as university academics who have fought to uphold the rule of law, democratic principles and the right of dissent, our members cannot be intimidated by such cowardly attacks. We will continue to work for these principles and support all endeavours to ensure that this country strives towards the political reforms which the people voted for on the 8th of January 2015.

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