Oct 12

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Joint press conference

Dear All,
There was a meeting between Minister Basil Rajapaksha and Dr. Dewasiri, Dr. Prabath Jayasinghe, and Dr. Anura Utumange. Minister Basil Rajapaksha accepted the amended joint agreement agreed by the FUTA EXCO at the meeting on the 11th of Oct. 2012. Minister Rajapaksha was not willing to have a joint press conference but the amended agreement will be released to the press. Attached is the Sinhala version of the joint statement. The English translation will be sent soon.
D.N.N.R. Dewasiri

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  1. Balan Hitapu Ayek

    We salute you teachers for your struggle against rulers who are empowered by so called people to do any brutality.Though unsuccessful you raised an issue never brought by any trade union. These people who gave such a power now looking at these issues like ”etikehel kapu relou”.Your impartial struggle is unprecedented in the sense that it did not restrict to salary issues.TEACHERS YOU THIS TIME taught a lesson to the public at large.

  2. Prof.Henry Sathananthan

    Hon.Minister and FUTA
    I am always available for advice and negotiation between Academics and the Ministry.. As expatriates ,we were invited to help in higher education by the Hon.Minister, who came to Melbourne some time ago. Hope we can find an amicable outcome soon.. Prof.Sathananthan, Monash University

  3. Prasad

    Dear FUTA,

    Please tell us about what happened to “6% GDP for education” demand. This demand is the main reason why people gathered in numbers and supported this struggle.

  4. Saman

    I admirer our university teachers courage of doing more than three month strike,without salary. This is very good example to the general public about unity which the government always try to breaks. As a country like Sri lanka with small economy, it is impossible to have very good private sector education. In one hand most of the Sri lanlan can’t bare the high education expenditure and other hand any private institution in Sri Lanka can’t supply quality education for a long run. Free education concept is the best which has presented by Mr. C.W.W. Kannangara. Through free Education we have achieved lots of remarkable bench marks in past. If you seach IMF web site they also accept that Sri Lanka has high literacy level and high standard health figures as developed country. These figures we achieved as a benefits of free education. ( But the IMF advises the government to reduce funds for the Education and establish private education). I think Sri Lanka should at least should allocate 6% or more for education for protect free education. We don’t want to sell education for make money, we can sell the products of free education that is human resource to make money. If we decide to sell education, it is like the Gamarala kill golden egg laying duck. If we sell education in another few years we can achieve 25% literacy rate and low health figures like other poor countries. Peoples in Sri lanka should concerned this with open eyes with out political views.

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