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FUTA Statement on Critical Situation in State Universities 5 th March 2015

We call upon the government to take steps to immediately rectify the crisis in governance in the university system. We note that ‘reforming the universities’ is an item included in the 100 days programme. We are of the opinion that such reforms require firstly a close study of what has gone wrong in the university system. As we have learned over and over again in the past, ad hoc and populist reforms have only made the situation worse.
We have attempted on several occasions to communicate our concerns to the Minister for Higher Education, the Prime Minister as well as the President, but we have had no proper response. We have sought meetings with the above people as well but have not had a positive response.
While we fully recognise the pressures on the new government and the many urgent issues that they have to deal with at this moment, we wish to point out that the crisis in the university system is also worthy of their attention. The growing sense of frustration among the university community–academics, non-academics and students alike–does not bode well for the future.
Therefore, we request the government to take the concerns of the university community seriously and to immediately and with proper, meaningful consultation with all stakeholders take steps to address the many issues plaguing the system.
Prabhath Jayasinghe                                                         Harini Amarasuriya
President                                                                              Secretary

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