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Statement on the establishment of FUTA Activity and Welfare Fund

The FUTA up to now has financed its activities entirely from subscriptions and contributions from Sister Unions. However, during the current trade union action, FUTA has now been compelled to offer assistance to its members who are facing difficulties due to non payment of salaries for the past two months.

In order to meets its obligations to its membership which has made many sacrifices in the course of the historic and momentous trade union action that has now entered its third month and to fund FUTA’s trade union activities, the FUTA Executive Committee agreed to launch a FUTA Activity and Welfare Fund.

Contributions for this Special Fund will be accepted from our members, especially those who are currently overseas, alumni and our well-wishers. Many of our overseas members as well as alumni have offered financial help which up to now FUTA has not accepted. However, the FUTA has also recognised that its membership has many financial obligations and responsibilities which they are finding difficult to meet due to the non payment of salaries during the past two months. The purpose of this fund is therefore to support members who are facing any financial difficulties and support FUTA trade union activities.

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